Monday, 28 May 2018

Summer is almost here! Oh yes, today we had the first taste of a summer day (in Icelandic standards). But the illusion of a warm, sunny day ended soon: right outside the harbour the wind was blowing very strong, and we had to accept the idea that the time for wearing our overalls was still not over. The foam and the "white horses" created by the wind gave the illusion of seeing splashes and blows everywhere, so finding our whales today was definitely more tricky than usual. But a good team work, with guides, captain and engineer carefully scanning the water surface, looking for any suspicious sign, always give good results! After many miles of navigation, we spotted THE humpack whale of the day! It was feeding in the channel between Hrisey island and the west coast of the fjord, where the wind was much weaker and the sea conditions much better, perfect to enjoy the sighting of this beautiful whale. The white and black pattern on its fluke is very characteristic and unique, but checking our catalogue we found out it was a new whale that we saw for the first time in our fjord! It's time to find a nice name also for her!

Text by Annalisa Sambolino, pictures by Annalisa Sambolino and Anna Gunnarsdóttir