Saturday, 07 April 2018

A gorgeous, sunny and quite chilly Saturday awaited us on two tours today and we set out not knowing that this 7th of April would be full of surprises for us. Our morning tour departed from Akureyri and we sailed for quite a while, almost out of the fjord in search for cetaceans. However, Fortuna was not with us this morning so that we handed out complimentary tickets to all our passengers to join us again, either in Reykjavik or Akureyri. From experience we know that the conditions and the wildlife can change very fast. Hence we were motivated to find some marine mammals in the afternoon, but never would we have expected to find sperm whales! And we did not only find one, but at least three individuals! It was fascinating to observe them for minutes breathing just right at the sea surface before the sperm whales would go for one of their famous deep dives. Up until today, Elding Akureyri had never seen a sperm whale on one of the tours. Of course the crew and our passengers werebeyond delighted! Simply incredible what this fjord can surprise you with.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth