Sunday, 22th April 2018

Early in the morning we sailed out the fjord on our 10 o‘clock rib tour. We had quite the fun today, south of Hrísey we encountered a humpback and before we knew they were two in the area. One of them showed it's fluke when diving down and there for we could identify it, that is a whale we have named Cloud, an individual that has not been seen in the fjord by us since November last year. Later on our 1 o'clock tour we sailed out on our bigger boat to see what cetaceans we might have in the afternoon in the fjord. Again we met Cloud but now north of Hrísey. The whale was very active, giving us a great time as it was tail slapping and coming up quite a lot to breath and showing us it's amazing fluke on the way. Amazing and successful day here in our fjord today with these fun individuals.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir