Blue Whale and two Humpback Whales today!

We sailed out on a cold and sunny day at our  1 o‘clock tour ready for our adventure. The sea condition was good and the temperature was minus five degree Celsius. Sailing the fjord was a nice as the boat hardly moved, we also had a beautiful view overlooking all the fjord. Close to Hrólfssker we noticed a big spout, and there we encountered a Blue Whale. That was quite the joy to see and we had such a good time with that individual, after seeing him surfacing few times we sailed a bit further out to see if we had any other cetaceans in the area and close by we encountered two Humpback Whales that seamed to be feeding and coming up regularly up close to our boat. Another exiting and fun day in our fjord today!

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir