Thursday, 22th March 2018

Today we sailed out on our 1 o'clock tour ready for our adventure, as we sailed closer to the open sea we had heavy swells and unfortunately some of the passenger got sea sick. At the entrance of the fjord we saw a spout and sailed to see what cetaceans we had today. That turned out the be the Sei Whale, the third biggest cetacean in the sea, with the giant creature we had a very good time, the whale came up often to breath showing us it's beautiful big spout. On our way back the sea condition was much better and so was the weather therefor we could enjoy the beautiful view of the fjord on our way back to Árskógssandur. Few minutes before our tour ended we had a nice surprise with a big pod of Harbor Porpoises that were swimming all around the boat. With them we stopped and had such a good time and a great way to end our whale watching tour. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir.