Wednesday, 14th March 2018

Today we sailed from Árskóssandur on our 1 o‘clock tour ready for our adventure which started as soon as we left the harbor when we encountered a pod of Harbor Porpoises and with them we had a good time, we then headed out further to look if we had other cetaceans in the area. We sailed for about 30 minutes and there we saw a big pod of Killer Whales and had a great time with them as well. They were so many coming up all around our boat and very close to us as well. It was a lovely sighting, they are quite rare to been seen here in Eyjafjörður, and that made the encounter with them very unique and special. At the end of the tour close to Árskógssandur we again encountered such a large group of Harbor Porpoises, they were every were around the boat and so many. Such a great day we had here in the fjord with these amazing animals.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir.