Hundreds of Dolphins and four Humpback whales!

Today we started our day in a lovely little town in Eyjafjörður called Árskógssandur. The reason we started there was because of ice inner in the fjord yesterday. The salinity is lower the inner you get into the fjord and salt delays water from freezing. Today was a beautiful but cold minus nine degree Celsius and we had calm sea for the most part. North of Hrólfssker we had quite the surprise, hundreds of White-Beaked dolphins all around the boat, very active and playful, often breaching and tail slapping. That was amazing to witness to say the least. Further out we stumbled up on four Humpback whales, we have named one Panda, an individual we saw in the fjord for the first time yesterday. It looked like they were feeding when we enjoyed our time with them. Fantastic day here in the fjord today with the cetaceans.

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir