Saturday, 29 December 2018

A windy day in the Fjord didn't stop us from having a marvelous tour! We felt the waves from the very beginning and the further from the harbor, the ocean was getting more rocky. Luckily the first cetaceans we found were actually very close and it was a big group of playful White-beaked dolphins. We stayed with them for some time but as we wanted to look for more animals we headed out north. We found 3 Humback Whales just around Hjalteyri and they seemed to be very relaxed, surfacing often. We've stayed in that area for the rest of the tour, having two more Humpback whales swimming around us and at least one more further in the distance. At the very end when we were already on the way to Akureyri, one of them showed up right at the side of the boat very close to us - a beautiful goodbye. Incredible tour and despite strong wind amazing day to be out there!

Pictures and Text by Ania Wójcik