Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Wonderful day today in Eyjafjordur! It was a “warm” morning (for North Icelandic winter standards!), although the wind slightly picked up by the second half of the tour. The whales were quite far away, almost in front of Grenivik, so it took us almost 50 minutes to get to the spot. The wait was worth it though: we were greeted by 4 Humpback whales swimming in group. Among them, we spotted a special guest, a good old friend of us that we know as Tough Pella, due to the deep propeller cuts that the animal shows on its back, behind the dorsal fin. Overall we saw around 10 Humpback whales in total, although the best part of the tour was yet to come. A pod of White-beaked dolphins started to jump at the distance. We were on our way to them when we noticed a one-in-a-million shot: the group of 4 Humpback whales was joined by 4-5 of those dolphins. It was an outstanding experience!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro