Saturday, 22 December 2018

Another wonderful day to sail out in the Fjord. Clear sky, no wind and calm ocean. We started the tour from passing around thick ice that was blocking our way in the harbor and we headed out north. It was not more than 20 minutes when we found our first cetacean and that was a Minky whale. He was busy feeding and going for longer dives so we left him in peace and went out to look for more animals. Our passengers today were very involved in searching and it didn’t took long til one of them saw something at 12 o’clock - as he said and that was a Humpback whale - great spotting! As we got closer we became surrounded by at least 5 individuals of Humpback whales. They were surfacing the water often and seemed very relaxed. We were lucky to had incredible encounter with two of them when they got very close to our boat. We stayed around that area for most of the tour and at some point even an icelandic eider duck joined us, following the boat until we had to head back to Akureyri - but that was not the end! We were almost in the harbor when 3 Nothern bottlenose whales decided to show up and one of them got surprisingly close to us. What an amazing tour!

Pictures and Text by Ania Wójcik