Wednesday, 19 December 2018

An amazing winter day was waiting for us on Eyjafjordur. Clear skyes, no wind, and an amazing sea that looked almost like a mirror. A perfect day to enjoy the amazing wildlife of the fiord. Just after 30-40 minutes of sailing, we encountered the first 3-4 humpback whales of the trip. The cetaceans were swimming towards the North and going for rather long dives, making the sighting slightly difficult. We decided to go North as well, and we encountered a superpod of more than 50 dolphins among which we enjoyed the presence of numerous calves that were often leaping and jumping. After a while, we came across two groups of 2 and 3 humpback whales that, at some point, fused into one. Judging by the surfacing behavior, the whales may have been feeding on the bottom at that moment. One further surprise was waiting for us on our way back to Akureyri: A humpback whale being harassed by some of the youngest dolphins we encountered previously!

Pictures and text by Alberto Alejandro