Friday, 22 September 2017

We sailed out with an icy wind, so everyone was happy with our overalls, and throughout the day we experienced long swells. We did however get a bit of sun and the views of the fjord were stunning.
Around Hjalteri, the old herring factory, we encountered our first humpback whale. It was Fjall, an animal that we have encountered often last summer and also this summer. We heard that further out in the fjord there were many whales and we decided to make the trip. We encountered a group of 5 humpback whales together and many different individuals moving by themselves.
During the second trip we spotted a minke whale. This is a smaller type of baleen whale that we do not encounter often in the fjord so it is always a nice treat.
In the afternoon a lot of the humpback whales were moving in pairs and we were literally surrounded by whales. Often we did not know which whale to look at because there were so many of them.
During the day we spotted 14 different humpback whales of which we knew 13. We recognized Fjall, Max, Gemini, Bae, Gills, Tattoo, King Louis, Lopapesa, Arnar, Cascade, Jackson, Syri and Atos. An amazing day with a big number of whales. 

Text Anouk de Plaa and pictures Guillaume Calcagni