Sunday, 17 September 2017

Excellent day in Eyjafjördur today: light southeast winds, practically flat seas and higher air temperatures.  There were five humpback whales on our morning and afternoon tours. In the morning, we were surprised with a group of four whales that suddenly appeared in front of us while we were spotting a blow further north. The whales were swimming and diving just around us for many times, and we could get beautiful pictures from the flukes. Therefore, from the flukes, we could recognise four humpbacks from the five animals, they were: “Fjall”, “King Loui”, “Blowromir”, and “Millennium Falcon”. Besides, one whale is a new sight for Eyjafjördur. After a time the humpbacks divided into two groups of one, and one group of two animals; plus the humpback that was distant. In the afternoon the whales were still in the same area in 4 different groups as at the end of the last tour. There was a moment that while we were stopped waiting for the whales, two animals just showed at the front, and the passengers could see the long pectoral flippers of the whales and hear their powerful blows. Clearly a marvellous day in the Eyjafjördur. 

Text by Manu Bassoi and pictures by Manu Bassoi and Guillaume Calcagni.