Monday, 7 August 2017

The day started raining in the morning, but after a while, it stopped, and we had only an overcast sky with some shining moments. We sailed towards the north, and one blow appeared on the horizon, a humpback whale. We stayed a while with this individual and after this encounter, northern off Hjalteyri, we spotted four humpback whales that have been seen in the fjord since the past three weeks: “Tatoo”, “Granade”, “Atnar”, and “Pepper”. It was a pleasant meeting as the whales were diving and showing their flukes frequently as in a queue, and sometimes two animals were synchronised. Furthermore, in the afternoon tour, we had a gorgeous humpback tail lobbing and two breachings! Groups of harbour porpoises were also present in all tours today, and on some occasions, we could see them quite close while we were stopped waiting for the whales. Despite the weather a delightful day with many humpbacks and harbour porpoises, and Spanish dancing with our passengers!

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi and Babsi Neubarth.