Friday, 14 April 2017

Pictures by Megan Whittaker and text by Mike Smith
Whale Watching; 11:00
Another extremely cold start to the day as fresh snow had settled overnight, even forming icicles over our boat. Snow continued to fall all morning and throughout the trip, with the odd patch of blue sky and sunshine on show. Conditions were a little rough as winds from the north stirred the sea and made spotting a little difficult. Not long after leaving the harbour we encountered 2-3 harbour porpoises which were traveling very quickly and disappeared after a couple of surfaces. We traveled north towards the mouth of the fjord searching areas that we have recently seen cetaceans but were unable to find any larger species. We saw small groups of porpoises scattered much closer towards the harbour of Akureyri. Complimentary tickets were issued as we did not see any whales today but all passengers enjoyed the trip and the stunning landscapes of Eyjafjord.