Saturday, 11 March 2017

Although windy, our today's tour has been happening under a brilliant weather ! There was a blue sky and a glorious sun welcoming us in the fjord. For the beginning of the tour we had the wind exclusively on our back, so it even felt warm for a while ! We had splendid blue, white and brown colors all around us, making the cruising exceptionally beautiful. Sadly, today went as the previous two days, with no sightings except a couple of fast harbour porpoises disappearing as quick as they popped up, and northern fulmars and long-tailed duck. On the way back the sun was more cloudy but the wind had weakened, we were then sailing on a mirror silver sea, giving a magical atmosphere to Eyjafjordur. It is always disappointing to not see the cetaceans we want so badly to see, but hopefully the nice scenery and the complimentary tickets handed over helped to ease the pain.

-Guillaume Calcagni