Thursday, 14 December 2017

We went out on one special tour at 11 o'clock on our boat Hólmasól to search for cetaceans. A freezing wind did blow in the fjord today, but our warm overalls were quite good to keep us all warm. It took us a about an hour to find the first humpback whale. Jackson came up to the surface and entertained us for a time before we sailed a bit further out to look for something else. Close to Hrísey we encountered up to 20 humpback whales swimming all around our boat.  The cetaceans were active and very curious about our visit and came quite close to us. We were of course super happy to see them and could enjoy enjoy good looks of their fins and flukes. Surely a magical whale watching tour in our beautiful Eyjarfjörður today. 

Text and pictures by Anna Gunnarsdóttir