Friday, 10 November 2017

We sailed out on a perfect Icelandic winter day, cold, sunny and still. Our first encounter was with the humpback Pepper and we had quite a good sighting of it. 
We sailed a little bit further out and on our way towards Hjalteyri we spotted the humpback Miso and it surfaced several times before we sailed along the coast. Just as we were very close to Hjalteyri we encountered Tough Pella which is also a humpback.

As we were slowly heading back we met Pepper and Miso again and had very good sightings of the two of them. Then we got disturbed by a Minke whale who showed itself fairly well. 

All in all a very nice tour in lovely weather.

Text by Halla Lúthersdóttir, photos by Babsi Neubarth