Saturday, 21 October 2017

We sailed out with smooth seas again. Unbelievable how October is proving an enjoyable month about the weather, and the whales. We did not have to sail far today to encounter our first humpback whale "Misso". When scanning the area, we found the other black fluke humpback "Pepper". After spending some time with these two whales, which were close to each other but not together, the captain Viking decided to sail further north. This decision proved to be a great one as we could meet three more humpback whales and for our surprise a minke whale too. The humpbacks were our identified animals as "Harley Dafinson", "Cascade", and "Manu". These whales were not together, but they were swimming closer and very relaxed, many times coming close and covering us in whale breath. There was a moment that "Harley Dafinson" just swam beside us and we could see his entire body and his amazing white pectoral flippers since the water in Eyafjord was so glassy and clear. We have filmed this moment, and you can see it on our page on facebook "Elding Whale Watching Akureyri". Have a look!

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.