Monday, 16 October 2017

We sailed out with exceptional conditions: no wind, blue skies, bright sunny, and the snow-covered mountains. We could not ask for a better day! After Hjalteyri we could find our first humpback whale, one of our "black flukes" named "Pepper". Further north we were surprised by a minke whale, and also by three of our known humpbacks. "Lopapaysa" and "Jubilee" were swimming together and very synchronized. There was a moment that they just popped out very close to the boat, surprising us all. "Cascade" was also around and showing his "over fluke" as usual. Other humpbacks could also be observed further north, but we didn't travel so far. On the way back we met "Cosmo" who arrived yesterday in the fjord, and two more animals which could not be identified. Perhaps more new flukes for us!  Summing up today, humpback whales truly surrounded us. Moreover, we would like to thank a lovely family from Austria that came yesterday and repeated the experience today just to admire once more the humpbacks of Eyjafjörður.

Text and pictures by Manu Bassoi.