Sunday, 15 October 2017

Golden October has finally also reached Akureyri and its surroundings. Only a few clouds stopped the sun here and there from shining brightly and the wind was only blowing a little bit through the fjord. We went out at 10:00 and 13:00 and could enjoy feeding humpbacks galore on both tours. Overall we could get pictures of seven flukes, some of them were well-known, some of them we did not recognize instantly. Of course Max, Tattoo, King Louis and Harley were quite obvious and did what they are currently doing most of the time, feeding on the rich fish stocks in the fjord. Cosmo was one of the flukes that looked familiar but required reconfirmation of our catalogue to be certain. It’s always really great to see more resights from last year! And there a still a few months to go in 2017, so let’s see how many resights we can get until then.

Text and pictures by Babsi Neubarth