Our sighting success so far is 100%  If no sightings on the tour, you can come again for FREE in Reykjavík or Akureyri.

We have two fundamentally different boats, the classic and the express, and thus tours to choose from.

On board we have Marine Biologists, Naturalists and a Research team that documents the whales behaviour and gathers vital information about them so we can tell one individual from another, see where they travel and more.

We abide by a code of conduct, as our mission is to safely and respectfully show the whales in their natural habitat without disturbing them and negatively effecting the environment.



Enjoyable cruise and great panoramic views! Our specially modified whale watching ship offers unparalleled comfort and stability, even at high speed. With plenty of heated indoor seating, on board cafeteria and sheltered outdoor seating. Enjoy wide sweeping views from our unique and incredible Wild Life Viewing Decks® and take the whole family for a day out!

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Northern Lights cruise

Comfortable journey into the night! The Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, are a natural phenomena typically seen on a dark but clear skied night. The green, purple, pink and white lights dance on the horizon frequently changing their shape and colour. It's arguably natures most fascinating display of artistry! The cruise is a fantastic way to experiencing this magical show of lights, that is, the Aurora Borealis.

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Express Whale Watching

Up close and personal adventure! Choose our express, small groups tour on the custom made, fast and nimble RIB boats for the whale watching adventure of a lifetime. With just 12 passengers on board with an expert whale watching tour guide and certified "fast boat" captain you will get as close as possible to the Eyjafjord Humpbacks with out disturbing them, of course.

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Make the most of your time in Akureyri and North Iceland and combine your whale watching tour with other activities in the area! We have put together a list of combo tours that include a few of our favourite excursions that are suitable for anyone looking for an adventure. Ride an Icelandic horse in the magnificent nature, drive a buggy on dirt roads, snowmobile on glaciers, go river rafting in glacial waters or visit nearby fishing villages! 

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Whale Watching Akureyri started operating whale watching tours from Akureyri in early 2016. We offers tours on both a 200 passenger specially modified catamaran and two 12 seater RIB boats. We have a long standing commitment to environmental sustainability and contribution to whale research. From the start our emphasis has been on whale friendly whale watching and by following IceWhales' Code of Conduct, our mission is to safely show our passengers the whales of Iceland in their natural habitat with out disturbing them and without negatively effecting our environment. Respect for the wildlife and safety on board underlie everything we do.